Pain Therapy by Muscle Manipulation

Symptoms of Unknown Cause, Such As Vertigo, Headache Or Sensitivity To Cold, Could Be Attributed To Muscle Stiffness?

Many actually wear some physical conditions. Only few, however, associate them with stiffness of the muscles or the tendons. Medical doctors are trained to examine the every single organs and if no abnormal markers are shown, the causes usually remain unknown.

As explained by the Self-Massage Technique videos, the vagus nerves, one of the cranial nerves, are connected to all the organs. And the vestibulocochlear nerves that run through the back of the neck controls equilibrium. It is possible that pressure to these nerves by stiffness of the surrounding muscles could induce symptoms such as indigestion due to slowed peristalsis or vertigo respectively on those examples.*

Another example is that extreme stiffness of the neck muscles such as the SCM (sternocleidomastoid) may pressure the arteries to the brain and induce headache. Stiffness of the calf muscles such as the tibialis posterior may pressure the blood vessels to the feet and make the feet cold or even get a Charley horse (leg cramp).

Stiffness, of course, cannot always be the cause, but it could be suspected when the cause cannot be identified.

Is There Any Remedy for The Neck Muscles?

The muscles of the neck play an important role, supporting the head that weighs a lot. Recently, more and more people have got involved in long chair-borne works and smartphone operations that require a head forward posture for long hours.
As a result, the neck muscles unknowingly become extremely strained and tight.
As stated above, the arteries are pressed by the stiff neck muscles that may result in headache or sleep disturbance due to impaired blood flow.
And the levator scapular muscles that are responsible for shoulder stiffness are actually attached to the cervical spine.

In the meantime, those who constantly clench their jaws tend to have tight omohyoid muscles and could suffer from slurring or swallowing disorder.
Furthermore, tight splenius capitis or spinalis capitis muscles that are located back of the neck could press the vestiblocochlear nerves thus induce vertigo, which is often misdiagnosed as Meniere’s disease.*

* Not clinically proven

While the neck is such an important part of the body, as you can see, why no therapists ever work on it?

It is a common teaching of massage schools that massaging the neck area except the back of the neck is dangerous because there are carotid arteries and jugular veins.
Indeed, one with infarcted carotid arteries may cause stroke if the blood clots flow to the brain.

Pain Therapy by Muscle Manipulation releases the muscles that are pulling the symptomatic muscles. Since the neck muscles that are aching do not have to be touched, it is safe and it also corrects your forward head posture.

Shoulders, Neck & Backache Comes As A Set

Long sitting desk work, long driving, excessive reading, etc., whatever the reasons you may have, stiffness on shoulders, neck and back usually comes together. And it has been believed that alleviating stiffness on those muscles would relieve the pain. Well, it does not.

The aching muscles are the result of being pulled and constant stretch. The muscles that are causing the pain need to be worked out.

Pain Therapy by Muscle Manipulation releases the muscles that are pulling the symptomatic muscles, tendons or ligaments. During the session, body alignment diagnosis are conducted to check which muscles need to be worked out. Releasing stiffness on the causing muscles conditions your body postures.


Pain Therapy by Muscle Manipulation

This pain therapy may be helpful to identify whether the symptoms of unknown cause are associated with muscle stiffness pressing the nerves or the blood vessels.
After conducting the muscle and skeletal balance check-up, the muscles that are causing pain will be identified. Symptomatic muscles are usually expanded muscles and massaging those muscles further expands them, thus the same pain comes back, while it helps to ease the pain temporary.
Pain Therapy by Muscle Manipulation works on the muscles that cause pain so that lasting effect of pain removal can be expected.

Pain Therapy by Muscle Manipulation

Cost: Donation only (other than the basic transportation cost)
Duration : Varies (up to 2 hours)
  • Conducted on a floor mattress without usage of Oil
  • Primary Method: Pressing myofascial trigger points by body weights (no pinpointing by fingers, so no hangover)
  • Penetration: Deep tissue
  • Main Benefits: Myofascial release; Relieves severe muscle stiffness; Dissolves calcification of the ligaments & tendons

Gliding With Oil For Stressed

Alternative Therapy: Hawaiian Lomilomi for Relaxation

The body and mind are inextricably interrelated. When your mind is stressed, your sympathetic nerves become constantly irritated and the balance with your parasympathetic nerves becomes compromised. This condition affects not only your brain, but also your internal organs and all of your physical functions.

For those who are stressed, one of the most effective relaxation method would be to receive Hawaiian Lomilomi that improves the lymphatic flow in your body and thus helps to make your body and mind relaxed, while physiologically excretes lactic acids that have been accumulated within muscle fibers.

Hawaiian Lomilomi : $75/hr (1-2 hours)
  • Usually conducted on a massage table using Oil
  • Primary Method: Gliding using forearms
  • Penetration: Superficial
  • Main Benefits: Relaxation of the body and mind; General healing of muscle fatigue; Improves circulation of the body & lymphatic fluids


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