Swallowing Disorder & Slurred Speech May Be Caused by Forward Inclination of Head

Have you experienced food such as apples or peanuts getting stuck in your throat? If the food remains there, proliferously multiplying germs create inflammation and cold-like symptoms.
Swallowing disorder may be associated with tight neck muscles such as the digastric, the omohyoid, the sternohyoid, the thyrohyoid, etc.

Meanwhile, if your speech is slurred with no ailment in your brain, it could be caused by stiffness of your neck. The specific muscles, called the digastric muscles, are responsible for movement of the tongue.

Furthermore, ones who suffer from sudden coughing with no ailments of the lungs or the bronchi, could blame stiffness of the digastric muscles that triggers sensitiveness of the parotid gland.

Incidentally, this is our own theory as the modern medicine does not seem to ground such symptoms on muscle stiffness.

It can be seen that the digastric muscles contract when your neck is tilted backward and expand when your neck is tilted forward. It means that persons with slouched posture or text neck syndrome (prolonged text messaging with neck tilted forward) tend to have such symptoms.

To solve it, muscles that are pulling the neck need to be released.

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