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Unexpected Causes of Symptoms

Persistent Constipation Caused by Muscle Stiffness

What controls the bowel peristalsis is the brainstem. If you feel constantly stressed, the brainstem commands the sympathetic nerves to become dominant and therefore it makes the parasympathetic nerves become somewhat dormant. Meanwhile, the vagus nerve, one of the cranial nerves that regulates the functions of the internal organs such as digestion and heart rhythm, belongs to the parasympathetic...
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Sensation of Sourness on Your Tongue May be A Sign of Muscle Stiffness

While it is not clinically proven, tight muscles such as those of your thighs, hamstrings, neck, shoulders, etc., after long desk work may cause a sensation of sourness on your tongue, especially when waking from sleep. It sounds crazy but it could be associated with the facial nerve, one of the cranial nerves that conveys sensory input from the tongue. Muscle tightness often affects the function...
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Mysterious Toothache Comes from Stiffness of The Neck Muscles

Toothache usually comes from cavities or sensitivity of the teeth. However, there is another type of toothache which cause is unknown as the tooth itself has no dental flaw. While there may not as yet be enough clinical evidence, it may be suspected that stiffness of the neck muscles associates with the pain of the tooth. The majority of the scenarios could be attribute to the molar teeth perhaps...
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Swallowing Disorder & Slurred Speech May Be Caused by Forward Inclination of Head

Have you experienced food such as apples or peanuts getting stuck in your throat? If the food remains there, proliferously multiplying germs create inflammation and cold-like symptoms.Swallowing disorder may be associated with tight neck muscles such as the digastric, the omohyoid, the sternohyoid, the thyrohyoid, etc. Meanwhile, if your speech is slurred with no ailment in your brain, it could b...
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