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Hawaiian Lomilomi Workshop in Tokyo

Learn Authentic Hawaiian Lomilomi in Japan!

Hawaiian lomilomi was originally performed only by Kahuna (spiritual healer/shaman) and was used to revive the weakened. Today, it seems that its physical aspect of lomilomi using the forearm techniques largely seems to have been incorporated into therapeutic massage styles. Its spiritual aspect, however, is rather more difficult to be succeeded, just like “yoga”. Yoga ultimately aims to unite one’s consciousness with the universal Love but only its body postures seem to be focused among many of its exercisers for physical benefits.

Practitioners not only of lomilomi but of any forms of therapies who pray for their clients’ health with sincere Love will heal because of the help of the masters in spirit form. That is why Kahuna begins the practice with prayers, performs the practice with prayers and ends the practice with prayers.

In this workshop, kumu Yasuko, who is licensed and longtime experienced practicing and teaching lomilomi massage in Hawaii, teaches both physical and spiritual aspects of Hawaiian lomilomi in addition to academic anatomical studies.

COURSE :  8 Days (4 hours/day) | 1 day (4 hours) course also available
SCHEDULES :  Flexible & Adjustable (Please inquire)

VENUE :  Tokyo Metro Tameike-Sanno Station
PARTICIPANTS :  Minimum 2 persons; Maximum 6 persons
COURSE FEE :  8 Day Workshop 89,000 yen /person (inclusive of tax)
1 Day Course 13,000 yen / person (inclusive of tax)


Kumu Yasuko “Jessie” Ito had worked at several hotel spa facilities as a licensed massage therapist in Honolulu, Hawaii since 1991. Particularly at renowned Paul Brown Salon at Waikiki Marriott Hotel Spa, she worked as a chief esthetician and was involved in supervising, instructing and planning. She then became independent entrepreneur establishing her own spa and further developed her carrier in 17 years as a esthetician and 16 years as a massage therapist that totaled her treatment experience with approximately 42,500 clients. In 2013 she decided to change her carrier in order to train therapists and has taught in English and Japanese classes on both academic and practical phases as a Hawaii State certified instructor for licensed massage therapist course. Her total graduated students have counted over 250. Her trainings aim to develop high quality and professional skills through her long time experiences with hotel spa and most importantly to apply the true healing essence of lomilomi based on the teachings of her kumu Noelani Bennett.
GROUP DISCOUNTS: available with group participation of 3 or more
Group of 3 :  10% off (80,100 yen/person | 1 Day Course: 12,350 yen/person)
Group of 4 :  off 10% (80,100 yen/person | 1 Day Course: 11,700 yen/person)
Group of 5 :  off 15% (75,650 yen/person | 1 Day Course: 11,000 yen/person))
Group of 6 :  off 20% (71,200 yen/person | 1 Day Course: 10,400 yen/person))
  • Hawaiian lomilomi workshop (8 days; 4 hours/day) | 4 hours for 1 Day Course
  • Certificate of completion (8 Day Workshop only)
  • Use of massage oil
  • Transportation to/from the venue
  • 2 twin size bed linens (solid color)
  • Meals & beverages
  • Letter of concent required from a guarantor for minor (under 20 years old)
  • Odd number of participants such as group of three or five requires an extra volunteer for practice.
  • 8 Day Course: Even after the course schedule is set, it still can be changed if all of the participants in the group change the same manner. Schedule change requests with only one or a part of the participants in the group cannot be accommodated. If one cannot make it on certain workshop days, he/she would need to practice more to catch up on the others.
    (Ex.) Every Wednesday for 8 days (2 months) – OK
    (Ex.) Every Wednesday and Sunday for 8 days (1 month) – OK
    (Ex.) A group of 4 started with Every Sunday -> later 2 out of 4 in the group change to every Wednesday – NG
    (Ex.) A group of 4 started with Every Sunday -> one Sunday all 4 in the group changed to Wednesday – OK (subject to Kumu’s availability as well)
  • Private class (solo participant) is available with double the workshop fee. An extra volunteer for practice is also required in such case.
  • Short workshop course such as 4 days can be arranged for experienced therapists (Min. Participants: 2).  Please inquire us using the following contact form.
  • Please bring 2 twin size bed linens (solid color)