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Trigger Point Release Workshop

It is based on “Thai” style that does not wear you out no matter how many people you work on. Thai style usually is referred as much involvement of “stretching” but this style is different. If stretching has to be involved, it means to reveal deep muscles or tendons that are targeted or to contract certain muscles and tendons so that softening stiffness becomes more effective. This style does not use muscle force but instead uses either the body weight of the therapist or the client. It sometimes utilizes a leverage by pulling the part while holding the targeted spot. Therefore the therapists do not usually get too tired no matter how many persons handled. Furthermore, since the pressure is given in relatively large surface such as by knees, forearms, legs, feet, etc. and not too pointy like being done by fingers (shiatsu), there are no hangovers or worsening of the tissues for clients.
It is one of the best body works to improve severe and deep stiffness and release trigger points, although this particular style is not well known even in its home country (Thailand). The master who invented this therapy style highly discourages just to memorize the techniques but teaches to sincerely wish from your heart that the clients get well and ask for guidance from the highly evolved masters to help them.
The workshop includes theoretical guidance on which muscles to work on in case specific pain, stiffness or anomalies.

A Hawaii State licensed massage therapist of Aloha Healing who had learned this body therapy in Thailand provides this workshop in Waimanalo, Hawaii.

SCHEDULE: Anytime per inquiry
VENUE: Waimanalo, Oahu Island, Hawaii (On-site service is also available with transportation cost)
FEE: $200 / 4 hours (PER PERSON)

  • Thai Style Body Therapy Workshop
  • Usage of the venue, pillows, mats, etc.
  • Natural drinking water from Waimanalo mountains
  • Meals & drinks
  • Transportation to the venue (Free shuttle service to/from the nearest bus stop “Poalima St.”)
  • Minimum 2 participants
  • Any shoes are okay as the workshop is conducted indoor.
  • Sporty outfits (leggings, tights, etc.) are recommended. Female participants should avoid wearing skirts without tights.
  • Must be 21 years old and above.
  • Please bring a face towel.