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Neck Trigger Point Release

The Common Symptoms in Modern Days

The muscles of the neck play an important role supporting the head that weighs a lot. Recently, more and more people have got involved in long chairborne works and smart phone operations that require a head forward posture for long hours.
As a result, the neck muscles unknowingly become extremely strained and tight.
The arteries are pressed by the stiff neck muscles and it may result in headache or sleep disturbance due to impaired blood flow.
And the levator scapular muscles that are responsible for shoulder stiffness are actually attached to the cervical spine.

In the meantime, those who constantly clench their jaws tend to have tight omohyoid muscles and could suffer from slurring or swallowing disorder.
Furthermore, tight splenius capitis or spinalis capitis muscles that are located back of the neck could press the vestiblocochlear nerves thus induce vertigo, which is often misdiagnosed as Meniere’s disease.*

Another example is that extreme stiffness of the neck muscles such as the SCM (sternocleidomastoid) may pressure the arteries to the brain and induce headache. There are also reports stating that even some tooth aches are caused by stiffness of the SCM muscles.

*Not clinically proven.

Why Therapists Do Not Usually Work On The Neck Muscles?

While the neck is such an important part of the body, why no therapists ever work on it?

It is a common teaching of massage schools that massaging the neck area except the back of the neck is dangerous because there are carotid arteries and jugular veins.
Indeed, one with infarcted carotid arteries may cause stroke if the blood clots flow to the brain. Besides, the therapists must know exactly where to press.
While there have been no such cases reported in our practices, it is advised to consult with medical doctors or sign a waiver prior to receiving a massage around the neck.

Trigger Point Release Specialized in The Neck Muscles

This particular trigger point release therapy is specialized in your neck area. Many do not realize how much stiffness they had around the neck and experience relaxation and oftentimes fall asleep during or after the session.
If your stiffness is severe, you will likely experience pain (but feel good pain for some by releasing stiffness) when the trigger points are pressed. Those who do not like to experience or cannot tolerate this type of pain should avoid this therapy.

Neck Trigger Point Release
  • Conducted on a floor mattress without usage of Oil
  • Primary Method: Pressing myofascial trigger points by body weights (no pinpointing by fingers so no hangover)
  • Penetration: Deep tissue; Deep muscles
  • Main Benefits: Myofascial release; Relieves severe muscle stiffness; Dissolves calcification of the ligaments & tendons
Rate : $50 per hour

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