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Healing The Physical Body

Massage therapies help your body relaxed

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Explore The Innermost of You

Healing of your mind & soul is more essential as we are spiritual beings having physical experiences

Listen to Your Inner-Guidance

Through meditation, you can quiet your mind and listen to the subtlest whispers of guidance

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Saturate your energy with Love & Light and world peace is manifested from within

Welcome to Aloha Healing

Aloha, in the native Hawaiian language, consists of ‘alo’ (in the presence of) and ‘hā’ (breath of life), that is “Love” – the most powerful life energy sourced in nā akua (gods; or in the other names such as the creator, the supreme consciousness, and so on).
Love heals everything. Love, as discussed here, does not mean romantic love but unconditional Love. Romantic love springs from passion and is often self-centered. For instance, if your partner betrays you, your emotion may turn into anger or hatred. So, romantic love can be rather possessive.
Unconditional Love is not easy to practice as it entails self-sacrifice. Perseverance, forgiveness, compassion, honesty and faith are all part of but not limited to practicing unconditional Love.
Unconditional Love heals everything including yourself. You do not have to practice it alone. Everyone has his/her own lifetime guide(s) in a spirit world. Many do not realize that they have them and often seek guidance in the outer world, such as from their family, friends, mentors, temples and churches. However, the answer lies within and you first need to connect yourself with your inner-self in order to happily interact with and assist others.
Meditation is one of the best ways to make the inner connection. Aloha Healing is willing to assist you in this so that you can be happier, healthier and more loving. World peace is a reflection from within and each one of us can make a difference!

Love & Light

* Aloha Healing LLC is non-religious, non-denominational and non-discriminatory entity.